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I first started using the BodyBleach serum 6 weeks ago and so far I am impressed. My skin is brighter, even toned and a lot clearer. I particularly like the fact that you supply it in large 8 oz bottles which allows me to apply it everywhere and which lasts a lot longer than other products I have used in the past. Please send...
- G. N.,  Atlanta GA
I have tried the product and it is good, thank you. Needless to say my potential market requires a product that produces results, visible from day one. I really have a potentially very good market. Looking forward to hearing from you. -D. W., Montgomery AL
I was shocked after using BodyBleach today when I saw my friend after 3 weeks he noticed  my skin looks healthier and my freckles looks lighter! I like BodyBleach and will recommended it to people. I trust your product and I will order more. Thank You. -A.P. Nashua, NH
I have used your product with excellent results. In only 3 days, discoloration / scarring on my face that I have struggled with for years has improved dramatically. This is too good and too economical to be true... -T. S. Austin, TX


WOW!!! I  was a skeptic at first, I said if it does not work, I just lost only $14.95. I have been using it for 2 months now, and the lightening is great. I use it all over my body. My skin tone is even and lighter. I have ordered 4 bottles and ordering more today for a friend. I use it twice a day as directed and see dramatic results. Thank you. -A.W. Atlanta, GA

I really have seen a dramatic change, I went from disgustingly tan to beautifully pale! I am so incredibly happy with my results, and hope that anyone struggling with nasty tans get the same results that I do! Strangely enough, my mother is struggling to do the opposite. She has been tanning her heart out. (bleh)
Best wishes,
-E.M. Manhattan, NY


I have been using your product for about 2 weeks now and I have to say I see a big difference. I was light brown complexion growing up but years of sun damage and not using sunscreen turned my complexion all different tones and shades. I will say your product has helped out a lot. How can you afford to sell it in such a large bottle at the price that you do? I am not complaining, but I have tried everything - high priced, and cheap, and I haven't had any of the results that your product has given. I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied so far and I plan to order more bottles before everyone finds out about it and I won't be able to get it or get it at the price it is now. Thanks! -A.J. Miami, FL

Well I have used it for a few weeks and it actually works!!! I was surprised because most of them don't actually work. I wanted an even skin tone and that's just what I got. Plus it's not that expensive in the first place.. I love the fact that you can use it all over... I love my bright skin!!!! -S.A., Atlanta GA     

The following 2 posts were found at an online skin discussion forum:
Hi my name is (removed for privacy) and I am new to the group. I was reading some of the messages about skin lighteners. These two products had work well for me. I wanted to get a little lighter and a more even toned skin. I went gradually from a medium brown to a light,light brown creamy kind of olive complexion. I used BodyBleach serum along with Aoqili seaweed soap. This soap is not a bleaching soap but it helps even out the complexion and texture. I ordered it separate from the BodyBleach serum. The BodyBleach serum does not have hydroquinine in it which is not good for you. This new bleach serum has all natural stuff in it. I've been using these now for 10 months now and I even avoid the sun. This body bleach lightens your skin permanently, You decide when to stop using when you reach a desired complexion. These are the links below. Here I have an old pic of me and a more recent.

Hi everyone, I don't post often but I just wanted to share some of my results from Body Bleach serum by Rare Extracts. I don't know how many people have tried this already, but it seems to be working somewhat for me. I am brown skinned Cuban/African American... I've only been using for about a week now, but I am starting to see some results already. Following the advice of someone else who had posted before, I also purchased seaweed soap to help the process out. I was unaware at the time that Rare Extracts also sells seaweed soap, so I had already purchased from another website, (I think thats it... Going off of memory right now)... Anyway, I use that at least once a day.. I know some seaweed soaps are meant to help people lose weight.. I didn't want that kind because I'm already small... so the Bodiesbydesign kind seemed like a good choice. Anyway, I use the soap to exfoliate my skin and then afterwards, I apply the Body Bleach... I was using the seaweed soap on my face too for a while, but I'm pretty sure thats what made my face break out, so I stopped using it on my face. Now I use Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher on my face, and then apply the bodybleach. I think exfoliators (since they slough off dead skin cells) help the serum to penetrate the skin better and get better results. But since they say it is best to use the Body Bleach 2x a day (and i don't want to overuse the Olay stuff), I just wash with regular facial soap and water at night and then apply the serum. I am also thinking of getting some kind of a sugar scrub or something, to see if that would help the absorption as well. Now, like I said, its only been about a week so its hard to tell a LOT yet... but I do see SOME results... the skin on my body is appearing a little lighter.. and on my face, I notice small light patches... it doesn't really look bad, but I can just see in some places that my skin is getting lighter already.. I'm assuming it will all even out... This is just my assumption, but skin cells probably regenerate over a period of so many days (at least that's what I gathered from the Olay Regenerist stuff), so when that happens, I will probably notice even better results. But so far, so good. Just letting everyone know. I will keep you updated if I see any other DRASTIC changes!


I have used the Bodybleach serum and I am fanatical about the results!  The serum product works miracles to my face and neck . I 've had enormous amounts of radiation which darkened my skin a lot over time. Now I am grown up and my health is better, Thank God. I am happy I found out about your product! It was a short while ago since I ordered it and I have noticed that my skin is getting lighter immediately within a very short period of  time. I would like to get a sample for a friend of mine. I love the natural quality of your product, it is so wonderful to apply. There is no greasy feeling in the texture of the product. It has a natural feel and it is so light, and it is not heavy when you put in on your skin. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!  Out of all the products out there online, yours tops them all. Please send me the  free sample as stated in the testimonial link on your website! I just want to thank you so much. I finally found a product I can rely upon. Extra thanks to your company! -Y.H. Centerville, GA
I've only used it for 7 days and can tell a difference; highly recommended. -A.N. Nashville, TN
I've used this product for about a month total, and I've seen amazing results and am a few shades lighter, with an even complexion. I LOVE it. Definitely recommended for anyone trying to get rid of dark skin complexion. -B.A. Las Vegas, NV
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